As your District 3 City Councilor, you’ll be able to count on me to make informed, intelligent, forward-thinking, and equitable decisions that help improve the quality of life of this wonderful city we all share and call our home.

Poverty & Education

Develop common-sense policies, programs, and support community and grassroots initiatives that target those who are most in need.

Small Business & Economic Development

Equitable and affordable small business development opportunities and a regional economic development plan.

Healthcare & Child Welfare

Increase access to programs and listen to the needs of families, parents, children, and child welfare advocates

Environment & Public Lands

Keeping these lands public and keeping our monument as an economic and cultural asset to this community is a must.

Our Culture & The Arts

Encouraging efforts to diversify and fund opportunities to ensure that artists of all cultures have the opportunity to help craft the identity of our city and its people.

Immigration & Civil Rights

Protecting all people in our community and sending a message to those who would impose fear in our communities and push false narratives that divide, rather than unite.

Recreation & Public Safety

Creating a safe environment built on trust and transparency.

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