martin heinrich

Martin Heinrich, United States Senator, D-NM

“I’ve known Gabe for many years and have always been proud of his work to serve thousands of our constituents in Las Cruces and the surrounding area. With Gabe’s expertise on border issues, we were able to lead important initiatives on international trade, immigration, and job creation in southern New Mexico. And I could always count on Gabe to deliver for New Mexico, no matter what it took to get the job done. I trust Gabe, and you should too. I’m confident that Gabe will take his work ethic and sophistication to the City Council and start effecting positive, transformative change.”


javier perea

Javier Perea, Mayor of The City of Sunland Park

“Gabe has a great understanding of the border economy and our region’s economic development assets and opportunities. He would make an exceptional choice for Las Cruces City Council District 3.”


nathan small 1

Nathan Small, New Mexico State Representative, District 36

“I am proud to endorse Gabe Vasquez for the Las Cruces City Council. From the beginning I’ve appreciated his work ethic, curiosity, and grit. Now, Gabe’s passion to bring more opportunity, keep our communities safe, and stand up for everyone makes me confident that he is exactly the leader we need in these challenging times. Join me in supporting Gabe Vasquez!”


steve fischmann

Stephen Fischmann, Former New Mexico State Senator

“Gabe gets it. He understands the border, he understands land use, he understands the economy and he understands our community. He gets it because he has worked on all of the issues as a US Senate Staffer and as NM Wildlife Federation advocate. He gets it because he’s dedicated, smart and persistent. Gabe will be more than just another city councilor. He’ll be an outstanding public servant.”

angelica rubio 1

Angelica Rubio, New Mexico State Representative, District 35

“Gabe exemplifies the kind of leadership that I long for throughout local government. He’s a visionary that doesn’t get hindered by the obstacles that face us today–and yet searches for short-term solutions that bridge his grander ideas. In these trying times, where unprecedented political grandstanding and lack of political will overwhelm efforts to re-write public policy that serves everyone, Gabe’s life and professional history highlight his ability to see his district and lead the council. He is thoughtful, passionate, strategic, and honest. He sees and hears people for what they value, and not for whom they’re affiliated with. Gabe Vasquez is worth investing in, and that’s why I’m in his corner for Las Cruces City Council, District 3.

nate cote

Nate Cote, Ph.D, Former New Mexico State Representative District 53, Past Commander and Current Service Officer for Disabled American Veterans Chapter 10

“Without a doubt, Gabe Vasquez is the best qualified candidate for Las Cruces City Council District 3. He has the right experience, vision, leadership skills, and trustworthiness to successfully serve the people of Las Cruces. Gabe acquired a great deal of knowledge and know-how in dealing with with real-life local, county, state, and federal issues, including our economy when he served as reporter and business editor for the Las Cruces Bulletin, executive director for the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, and small business man. As a field representative for U.S. Senator Heinrich he gained a notable awareness of our local and surrounding economy. As a board member for New Mexico Voices for Children, I am very impressed with his past work with children on the First Focus Campaign for Children and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. As a veteran I am confident he will be a positive influence on working matters for those of us who have served our country. His recent work with conservation and wildlife adds great value to his already wealth of expertise on issues we care about. Gabe has a strong sense of community and is an important part of the future of our city, our children, and our economy. I enthusiastically endorse Gabe Vasquez for city council.

bill mccamley 1

Bill McCamley, New Mexico State Representative, District 33

“Gabe is running for City Council in my neighborhood, and look forward to voting for him in November. He works hard, cares deeply and passionately about Las Cruces, and I have no doubt he will make me and the rest of our community proud. As an ex-local government official, I know how important the City Council is to people’s everyday lives, and am extremely happy he has decided to take on this vital job.”

ray jaramillo 1

Ray Jaramillo, Las Cruces Board of Education, District 1

“As someone who has spent my life working for the well-being of New Mexico’s children and families, I am very happy to support Gabe Vasquez’ candidacy for City Council, District 3. It’s clear that Gabe gets it. He understands the value of relationships and cares deeply for our community. I know that as a City Councilor, he will be forward-thinking, honest, and accountable to the people.”

joanne ferrary

Joanne Ferrary, New Mexico State Representative, District 37

“I am proud to endorse Gabe for City Council District 3. His vision for the future coupled with his expertise on issues including immigration, public lands, and childhood well-being will continue to build on the vast opportunities we have in Las Cruces and New Mexico. Please join me in supporting Gabe Vasquez so we can continue to invest in Southern New Mexico.”

bill soules

Bill Soules, New Mexico State Senator, District 37

“Gabe is one of many great examples of why we need more young people involved in politics. He has the vision, compassion and experience to be a successful city councilor in Las Cruces. I have strong confidence that Gabe will continue to provide his leadership and service to this community in his role as city councilor.”