Environment & Public Lands

Gabe with Potomac Conservancy

The City of Las Cruces has an irreplaceable, invaluable asset that benefits our community and helps bring visitors to our city — our public lands. Public means for everybody — not just for the wealthy, not just for private landowners, and not just for industry.

I worked hard to see the enactment of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, an incredible landmark that tells the story of our people, that unlocks the secrets of our shared history, and that holds the artifacts and remnants of inhabitants past who once called the Mesilla Valley home.

With a star on the map and exponentially increasing national attention, the value of our surrounding public lands is a diamond for the City of Las Cruces. Our public lands help us find peace in solitude, allow us to learn about nature, wildlife, and our environment, create lasting experience and memories for us and our families, provide incredible recreational opportunities, and forge our identities as Cruceños and as New Mexicans.

Keeping these lands public and keeping our monument as an economic and cultural asset to this community is a must, and I’ll continue to speak in community with my fellow Las Crucens who value and love our public lands and our national monument.
Conservation of our land and culture is more important than ever. As we begin to enter a heightened period of climate change, drought, increased wildfires, and the loss of habitat for wildlife, we must do everything we can as a city to minimize the impact of a changing climate. This includes keeping our water and air free from pollution and working collaboratively with industry to reach consensus on common-sense approaches to development and environmental protection.